Monday, 6 April 2015

Studio Zara 5th Avenue, NYC

Living in the country is lovely at the best of times but it doesn't half make taking outfit photos difficult! There's just so many open spaces that the wind is constant, these photos were the best of a really bad bunch, hence the more-than-usual headless crops and close ups. That being said, I do really love this outfit, it's something a little different for me but I can see it becoming a go-to smart/casual look and one that would work with several of my other coats too. 

ASOS coatskirt, ZARA tee & bag, NEW LOOK shoes, TOPSHOP necklace

This skirt is definitely something new for me but I actually really like how it looks. I'm not usually one for body-con wrap style clothing but I think the wrap detail makes it slightly more flattering and the grey is a welcomed change from my usual choice of black. I  also decided to go rather unconventional and pair it with black tights (it's freezing outside again so tights are a must!) and surprisingly it seems to work. I paired it with my new favourite duster coat from ASOS, which I've worms practically everyday since buying it and my rediscovered Zara tee. 

I currently feel about ten stone heavier than in these photos after consuming my body weight in Easter eggs over the weekend but if you can't eat lots of chocolate during Easter then when can you?! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and are making the most of the last day before normal working week things resume! 

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  1. Oh nice look Emma! I love your fringe bag as well - perfect messenger bag size :)
    Like the touch of olive green against all the black and white and grey. I hope you had a great easter break!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel


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