Thursday, 23 April 2015

Adidas Superstars

I'm really struggling lately with the quality of my photos. I'm using exactly the same camera and lens that I've been using pretty much the whole time but lately my photos have been coming out 90% blurred leaving me very little options to choose from. I do tend to pick out the most 'unblurred' photos so you can't really tell but in this post especially, it's pretty darn obvious that the quality just isn't there. If anyone knows why my camera is doing this then I'd appreciate the help - I have the settings all set up like normal; AV, 1.8f etc etc. Anyway, onto the outfit...

TOPSHOP coat, H&M top, ADIDAS superstars trainers, ZARA bag, QUAY AUSTRALIA sunglasses

I've never really been a trainer kind of person but recently I seem to have accumulated quite a few pairs. I also once vowed that I'd never own a pair of Adidas trainers, especially this style and yet here I am wearing what I'd like to describe as one of my current favourite pairs of shoes - and they're Adidas Superstars! I was initially going to go for the pink Pharrell x Adidas superstars but in the end I put my practically hat on and went for the pair I knew I'd get the most wear out of. I've been pairing these with casual outfits and even fur-trim coats, which is rather unexpected.

I paired these trainers with my favourite Topshop jacket from last year and my new favourite basic tee. I'm really loving basics at the moment and am keen to pick up a grey and white tee of a similar style to this one - I'm thinking maybe Zara might be the best place to go. Of course this outfit wouldn't have been complete without my fabulous Quay x Shay aviator sunglasses, which I've worn practically everyday since getting them. I think I may have found my new favourite sunglasses shape! 

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  1. i love these omg! i really want them. Adidas are killing it right now in the shoe game :)

    Georgia x || Georgia Nicolaou Blog


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