Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Fashion & Beauty Books

A few weeks ago I was doing my daily blog reading when I stumbled across quite a different post from Vivianna Does Makeup. She wrote about her cookbook collection and though I lack in that department, I do have quite an extensive fashion/beauty-related book collection, which I thought might be of interest to some of you. I do actually have far more books than shown but these are just the ones that I like to display on the shelves above my desk - they are also some of my favourites. *Note, I realise that 'Not That Kind of Girl' isn't actually related to fashion or beauty in the slightest but I like how it looks on my shelves and I forgot to remove it for the photo, my bad! 

It by Alexa Chung. This is a tricky one to describe. It's basically a picture book of Alexa's life (and drawings) with the added addition of a little blurb throughout. Now I realise I'm not really selling it well but thats the only way I can describe it - I happen to really enjoy flicking through this book and though once it's read I feel like it can't really be read through again, it's still nice to flick through and see the sketches and raw photography that's included. 

Style by Lauren Conrad. This was actually one of the very first fashion-y books I ever bought and admittedly now it is slightly outdated, it's still a great one to have a flick through every now and again for key tips. Lauren Conrad really knows her stuff from basic jeans and a tee to the fine art of packing for a holiday, this book is one to pick up if you're looking for a bit of inspiration or tips - I'm really keen to pick up the beauty version of this book too to see how it compares. 

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. This is the newest addition to my collection and one that I totally bought because of the rave reviews it received. It's also one of the few beauty related books I own. I'm still actually reading this book as I find it's a good one to keep coming back to but of what I have read, it's a real insightful read and one I'd definitely recommend. Sali basically talks in depth about various beauty related topics like red lipstick, botox and perfume (so a broad range!|) and she is, as the title would suggest, very honest with what she says. There's also little quotes throughout the book and who doesn't love a wrote every now and again!? Talking of quotes...

The World According to Karl Lagerfeld. If you're a fan of Karl Lagerfeld like myself then this book is a must have. It's essentially a book of stuff Karl has said and is sectioned off into chapters all titled 'Karl on...' with my favourites being Karl on Karl and Karl on Celebrity. Some of the quotes are serious and and some are darn right hilarious! This is a book I find myself picking up every now and again, turning to a random page and sifting through for a good while - it's a page turner but one that you can definitely keep coming back to. One of my favourite quotes from the book definitely has to be: "I've become like a Lacoste alligator. Soon I'll have to be sewn onto clothes."

I'm always keen to add to my book shelves so any recommendations are very much welcomed, especially in the beauty department...

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