Friday, 24 April 2015

A Garnier Combination

If, like me, you like to wear some makeup but then can't really be bothered to go through a huge removal process at the end of the day then keep reading. I have a totally fuss-free routine that even removes those stubborn waterproof, curl holding mascaras that a face wipe just won't. And it's only two products! I have found Micellar water to do the job fantastically and though Bioderma will always be my holy grail, I have been using the Garnier combination that works just as well. Though micellar water alone is great for removing face make-up, you don't really want to be scrubbing at your eyes all that much so I've been pairing the cleansing water with the Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover that is non-greasy and removes even waterproof mascaras. 

Now there are several of these types of products on the market from the real high-end ones to the drugstore alternatives that work just as well - it isn't always the more you pay the better. These Garnier products are definitely my top choices after Bioderma and the duo-solution products seem to work great and by shaking up he two solutions, you are left with a really effective cleanser and eye make-up remover in one. I usually go in with the cleanser first all over my face using one cotton pad, then I'll use a separate one for both eyes and all you need is to hold the cotton pad on your eye for around 30 seconds and then a gentle swipe and the make-up is gone.

The smell on both is pretty light and non-perfumed, which is especially great for those who get easily irritated skin. The formula is also nice and non-greasy so there's no worry about it leaving an awful film over your face afterwards. I follow up these with my daily toner/moisturiser and that's my routine pretty much done. On occasion I will use an extra step of a balm cleanser (I use the Clinique one) if I feel my skin is look particularly bad but on most occasions these suffice. 

Have you tried the Garnier Cleansing Water and Eye Make-up remover? What are your go-to cleansing products? 

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