Saturday, 25 April 2015

Handbag Raincoats & A Run With A View

It's time for my weekly roundup including beauty, fitness, television and the odd random thing thrown in for good measure! This week (like last week) I only have a few things but all are great...

On a daily basis I'm definitely a nude lip kind of girl, opting for the typical 'my lips but better' shades over bolds any day and I have been reaching mainly for Charlotte T|ilbury's lipstick in Nude Kate, which is the perfect beige/mauve nude. I've either been wearing this on its own or over a slightly darker lip pencil. 

So the biggest discovery for me this week had to be the Handbag Raincoat. Yes you read that right, an actual raincoat for your favourite handbags! While browsing ShopBop I came across this and it's honestly something I always hoped existed but never actually thought it was something someone would have actually created, never mind something that would be sold on a store like shopbop. I have a couple of leather/suede bags that really aren't rain proof and with living in the UK, you just never know when you are going to get caught in the rain and it becomes a tough call deciding whether to keep your hair/outfit dry or your bag. Now a coat for your handbag isn't exactly something that should be on the top of everyones to buy lists but I'm definitely going to buy one! 

Never have I loved a fake tan as much as I love the Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze. I have got a post going up next week on this so I won't give too much away but i just had to mention it as I've been wearing it non-stop since getting it a few weeks back. So much so that I picked up another two tubes for when I run out! It's subtle but still noticeable and it's super easy to apply, which is the struggle I usually have with fake tans. Enough said, keep a look out for the post next week. 

I started running. Sort of. I actually only went for one run (which took me an hour may I add), but I thought it was about time I took advantage of the place where I live and the scenic views it holds. With that though comes hills, lots of hills and for a novice runner like myself, trying to run up a super steep hill probably isn't the best place to start but that being said, I felt rather rejuvenated afterwards. I also have neon trainers so that's of course a motivation to go out and run! 

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