Monday, 2 February 2015

A Zebra & A Camel?!

The weather is starting to get to the point now where it is just impossible to shoot outfit photos. It's either raining or the wind is that strong that it practically blows me over and all this isn't helped by the fact I live in such an open area making it twice as worse. That being said, I retreated back to my garden and managed to get a few decent shots before the wind showed its ugly face again. Anyway, now onto the outfit...

F&F CLOTHING coat, MARKS & SPENCER jumper, H&M scarf, NEW LOOK shoes, ZARA bag

This outfit is a combination that in my head shouldn't and didn't work but when photographed it doesn't look half bad. This scarf is one of my favourite accessories but I always find it so difficult to style because it literally takes over any outfit but this, because of the contrasting camel colour, I feel works despite the scarf still taking centre stage.


  1. Dream outfit. Love that coat.

    Jenn from

  2. Love the faux fur scarf, I definitely need to incorporate one of those into my wardrobe :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Yes you should! Once you figure out how to style them they are fab!

  3. You really are obsessed with those shoes ;). Is there any snow in England right now?
    xxx Alicja


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