Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pink Fuzz

Looking back at these photos, it's dawned on me how much like a pink candyfloss I must have looked! Pink fuzzy coat and a pink furry roll clutch, it seemed a good idea before but now I'm not sure. Too much or not enough pink?! I suppose the rest of the outfit is pretty simple, so the pink overload can be passed by after seeing my plain white shirt and black jeans combination. 

TOPSHOP coat & bag, RIVER ISLAND shirt, NEW LOOK shoes, DOROTHY PERKINS necklace, MARC JACOBS watch

I'm actually experiencing one of those typical 'I have nothing to wear and no clothes in my wardrobe' moments so this outfit was definitely one I put together at a stretch. I seem to be wearing these patent loafers a lot lately but they are just so darn comfortable (after a week or painfully breaking the in) and they go with so much, the day these fall apart will be a sad one. I kept the rest of the outfit looking semi-smart with a crisp white shirt and a clutch rather than my usual shoulder bag choice, this is something I'd wear to work or even during the weekend with a different bag! I find this clutch works great for photos and it looks good but in reality it isn't the most practical item I have in my wardrobe.


  1. Such a cute outfit! That bag is gorgeous.

    Jenn from

    1. Thank you! They do this bag in so many different colours now too!


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