Monday, 19 January 2015

Camel & Faux Fur

I was feeling rather unmotivated at the weekend after a long week at work so the idea of going outside and posing for outfit photos while dog walkers and cars passed by staring was not exactly top of my list! The result was four semi-okay photos along with a forced smile and many awkward squinty faces...

F&F coat, H&M jumper, NEW LOOK shoes, MISSGUIDED scarf, WHISTLES bag, MICHAEL KORS watch

Tiredness aside, at least I managed to get some photos and on reflection, I decided to change up the slip-on shoes for my staple black chelsea boots as my walk from the train station to work isn't exactly easy on the feet! I decided to get this missguided scarf out from the backs of beyond in my wardrobe and finally wearing it again as it's too nice to be hidden away. I thought it went perfectly with my favourite camel coat 


  1. Love this outfit, especially the scarf. I wish I could wear things like this but unfortunately my boobs are little on the large side :(
    xxx Claire

  2. Love the coat. It also really suits you ;) The scarf is not so mine but it looks good.

    1. I didn't think I'd like the scarf either at first but it's actually such a versitle piece!


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