Thursday, 15 January 2015

Casual Dressing: Teddy Bear Coat

One thing I can say with all certainty is that the UK is absolutely freezing at the moment! It has always been cold but it seems this past week has opened way for minus temperatures and the need to me to pull out ever single big coat and layer that I own in a bid to keep at least somewhat warm. That being said, I'd like to debut a long-standing member of my wardrobe but one that I definitely don't wear enough, this brown teddy bear coat.

T K MAXX coat, H&M jumper, NEW LOOK boots (similar), MARKS & SPENCER hat

I got this coat early last year after spotting it among a serious of question faux fur coats in my local T K Maxx. I wasn't completely sure if I really needed it at the time so I left but then after not being able to take my mind off it for a few days I popped into another store and much to my surprise, there it was in my size; it was coat fate. Now this coat definitely wont be for everyone and it doesn't tend to go with every outfit so I only tend to wear it on more cosy/casual days like this one, although, I'm thinking of trying it out with a dress or skirt maybe and seeing if it really can be dressed up. It is honestly the cosiest coat I've ever worn and when the unsightly hood is removed (I wont even burn your eyes with a photo) it is the perfect, wearable teddy bear coat. Pop into your local T K Maxx as you may just find a gem like this...


  1. That coat looks in fact really cosy ;) Also I spot nice nails... What nailpolish are you wearing?

    1. Well spotted! It's a Nicole by OPI nail polish from the Kardashian collection!


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