Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #18 | Topshop Boutique

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I've only ever been lucky enough to buy one Topshop boutique item and that was during the major Christmas sales a few years back where I picked up a coat down from £150 to £40! Other than that I can't afford the unfortunately high prices but if I could, these are what I have my eye on currently with three normal Topshop bags thrown in for good measure.

This feature gilet is such a statement piece and I think this would look great paired with a black roll neck jumper, black ripped jeans and chunky boots - I may or may not have added this to my basket just in case I'm feeling spendy. Also, in case you couldn't tell from reading my blog regularly, or from this post alone, I have a bit of a thing for faux fur at the moment and these two bags and coat are must haves for me but maybe just one of them, after all, my wardrobe is looking awfully furry these days!

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