Thursday, 21 November 2013

wishlist | christmas '13

Christmas Wishlist

Ambient Lighting Powder - Hourglass
I have wanted this for an unbelievably long time, everyone says such great things about it and I really want to try it. The rather hefty price tag is what has been stopping me!

Daisy Eau So Fresh - Marc Jacobs
This perfume smells exactly like parma violets and I absolutely love them so it's only logical to ask for this perfume...right?!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Influence & The Fashion Book

I seem to have a thing for cute, animal iPhone cases at the moment. I love my Marc by Marc Jacobs dog case currently but I just want another so I can mix it up some days.

Flower Gem Necklace - Zara
This is a painfully expensive necklace for non-designer but every time I see it in store and then walk away a little piece of my heart breaks...dramatic much?

These are the things that I have asked for this Christmas as well as a couple of DVDs of new-release films. I'm obviously not expecting to receive all these things and I'll be grateful for anything I do receive but this wouldn't be a wishlist otherwise...
Emma xo
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