Saturday, 23 November 2013

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A few months ago I started getting really awful breakouts on my chin and I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why. I hadn't changed anything in either my skincare or my eating habits so it was just a complete mystery that left me feeling rather down about myself. Now it was by no means what you'd imagine 'bad skin' to look like, but it was something I personally wasn't used to. I started investing in some new products to see if I could combat these breakouts and there's been a few standouts that have made a difference in one way or another.

Origins skincare was something I'd never tried but had always heard such great things about. I first picked up the Super Spot Remover which I had real high hopes for, especially considering the price for such a small bottle (it's absolutely tiny!), this product did not disappoint at all. It recommends to use up to three times a day as needed but I tend to stick to before I go to bed and once during the day if I'm staying inside as it is quite drying and I feel applying too much would completely dry out my skin and cause those horrible looking patchy areas. When I first applied this to any blemishes I had it stung quite a bit, but that subsides after a while and then it gets to work, I woke up the next morning and all the redness was gone and the blemishes were much smaller. This bottle is a miracle worker! Keeping with Origins, I also picked up (for a mere £5 at Boots!) the much raved about GinZing Moisturiser which on the face feels so luxurious and smells divine - if you don't like the smell of oranges don't buy this! It's quite a light-weight moisturiser that sinks into the skin quickly and for me, really helps combat the dryness caused by the spot remover. These two work in harmony so well together.

The third and final product I've been using is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which is not a spot treatment as myself and many others often presume, it is in fact, a pore unclogging treatment. At first this caused more blemishes to appear on my face but that was just all the impurities being pulled out, afterwards I found the pores around my nose to look smaller and the tiny bumps on my forehead to be reduced. I'm not sure if this is something I'd repurchase but it definitely worked for me at the time.

What are you three best skincare products?
Emma xo
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