Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Coco White Teeth Whitening

Coco White is a brand I've wanted to try for some time now after seeing it appear on my Instagram feed so any times with various celebrities raving about it being their go-to teeth whitener. I finally got my hands on a 14-day box while at the Clothes Show and I opted for mint as I was told this was the favourable of all three flavours (vanilla and lemon).

Now initially I had very high hopes for this product after seeing countless before/after photos but really, it is essentially just swilling oil around your mouth so I should've been slightly more sceptical. On first use, I was surprised by the texture as it begins as a very thick, buttery solid that quickly melts within a few seconds. Initial shock aside, the usage actually didn't bother me at all and the 15 minutes of swilling went by very quickly;  I actually enjoyed trying out a very different type of teeth whitening product.

Now onto the burning question, does it work? For me personally, I saw some differences and it definitely made my teeth slightly whiter but I wouldn't say there was a definite noticeable change. It did leave my teeth feeling very clean however and this, along with the slight whitening aspect, makes it a great whitening product for a top up or daily usage. I feel like whitening strips I've used in the past have made much more of a difference and the effects have also lasted a lot longer, but they have left my teeth feeling very sensitive, which Coco White didn't. Would I repurchase this product again, maybe. Do I prefer it over whitening strips, I'm undecided.

As I said, this is just my opinion, Coco White might work great for you but I just think I need something slightly stronger to have any noticeable effect on my teeth. If you do like using natural, less harsh products though, then this may definitely be for you. As I said, my teeth feel super clean and they are definitely slightly whiter than before using this product.

Have you tried oil pulling before? Let me know if it worked for you!

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