Monday, 4 January 2016

Contour 2 by Contour Cosmetics | Beauty

I've been wanting to try countering for such a long time now but finding the right products has been a real struggle. I've had my eye on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit for some time now but it's not the easiest to get hold of so I thought I'd look a little closer home and find a UK brand. 

Contour Cosmetics wasn't a brand I'd really heard of before but I came across their Instagram and Twitter pages and sawdust how popular their contour kits were so I wanted to try one for myself. I opted for Contour 2 as the shades, though slightly darker, are much cooler than Contour 1 and I definitely prefer that over a more orange, warmer look. 

Now my initial impression of the palette was the there seemed to be a wide range of shades, definitely one to suit most skin tones and that the formula upon first use was far creamier than I had expected, making blending so easy and seamless. As mentioned, there is a varied range of shades in this palette and for me, I've been trying out the top row and the first, lighter shade from the bottom. The other two darker shades are definitely scary looking for me personally, but I'm sure on darker skin, or those who use fake tan, they'd be perfect. 

I'm still far from an expert at contouring but this palette just makes it so easy to learn; I use it with a flat top Spectrum brush and a Beauty Blender sponge and it's the perfect combination. If you'd like to me do a tutorial on my Youtube channel then leave a comment and I'll try to film that so you can see just how well this palette works. I'm definitely a contour convert now. 

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