Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Doll White 14 Day Teeth Whitening Strips

So when it comes to teeth, I would consider my teeth to be quite straight after having braces for 3 years but I hate how discoloured (to me) they look. I think most of it is just in my head and my longing for a hollywood smile is real, despite knowing this can only be achieved through serious cosmetic procedures. That being said, I was kindly sent the 14 Day Teeth Whitening Strips from Doll White and having tried similar strip whitening products in the past, I was keen to give them a go and see what results I could achieve, especially as these are non-peroxide, so are less damaging to you teeth and gums. 

The white strips in general are pretty simple and easy to use and you are provided with 14 packets that each contain an upper and a lower strip. You are advised to brush your teeth beforehand, apply the strips and leave them on for 30 minutes without eating or drinking. Now the obvious con for me is the time and though the strips are fairly untraceable, after a while you can start to taste the gel on the strips and then do become more noticeable so I found this to be annoying at times. That being said, once the 30 minutes is up you simply peel off the strips, rinse your mouth and that's it.

I started to notice a difference at around day three and by the time the 14 days were up, my teeth were definitely the desired few shades whiter, though I do feel like the strips simply work to remove the surface stains, rather than actually whitening the teeth themselves. Now I went into this totally aware that I would never be left with a Hollywood smile but a few shades whiter was what I was looking for and I definitely achieved that with the Doll White strips. Would I recommend them? I would if your teeth just need a slight brightening but if you have serious discolouration, I'm not sure these would make a great deal of difference. *I haven't included actual images of my teeth simply because the difference wasn't really picking up on camera. 

The Doll White 14 Day Teeth Whitening Strips cost £19.99 and are available here

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