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5 Tips For Preparing For an Interview

It's that time of year again where thousands of people, often graduate hopefuls, are all on the hunt for their next chapter in life and with that comes the dreaded interview. Whether it be for the career of your dreams or the in between job to keep your head above water, it's important that you are prepared as much as possible and you put your best foot forward. First impressions count after all! 

From personal experiences, it's hard going to interview after interview, making your best impression and then hearing nothing or being told (in my case) that you lack the experience the role requires. You put in so much effort beforehand and then it all seems like a big old waste of time afterwards but that isn't the case. More often than not it's not you that didn't get you the job, it's the employer (their having a bad day?), the role or simply you were unlucky. With that being said, if you're prepared beforehand, you definitely stand the best chance of success. On with the tips...

Dress To Impress

It doesn't matter what sort of job you're going for; whether it be at a local fast food restaurant or a fashion editorial role, it's important that you dress to impress. It all comes down to first impressions and more often that not, what you're wearing is what the employer will notice first. Turning up in jeans and t shirt may seem like the 'comfortable' option but it won't score you any points. Think about the company you are applying for and dress how you think would be appropriate. Some great examples are a pant suit, a simple work dress or a skirt and skirt combination - these should work a treat.

Research The Role

Interviewers with be super impressed if you come across as knowledgeable not only about your subject and own qualifications/experience, but about the company and the role itself. Research the position you have applied for, what is involved and what will be expected of you and this will also help with coming up with answers to that list of question they're bound to have prepared for you. 

Bring Your Portfolio

Now admittedly this one will only apply to some roles, in particular those on the creative side of things, but it's crucial if you want to stand out from the other potential candidates. If (like me) you made a magazine for your final project then bring it with you, or if you run your own online film review site then print off some examples. This way, employers don't just have to take your word about what you can do, they can see it for themselves. Trust me, it makes a huge difference! 

Plan Your Journey (Well)

The last thing you want to happen is the morning of your interview, you've done all your research and you're dressed fabulously, only to realise that you have no idea how to get to the place of your interview! Plan your journey in advance; choose your method of transport, find the best route and make sure to check timetables, tickets etc if using public transport. Most importantly, make sure you leave plenty of time just in case of delays - just don't be late! It's always better top be there a little early and grab a coffee beforehand than to arrive ten minutes late and all chances you had have practically gone. 

Make A Good Impression

This is less of a beforehand preparation and more of during the interview, but just make sure you make a lasting impression. Turn up on time, bring any required documents with you and keep eye contact with the interviewer as much as possible. Pay attention to what they say, show your personality with your answers and don't be afraid to highlight what makes you unique - as long as it's relevant! 

Just remember, first impressions are the only chance you get and whatever happens with this, will determine how the whole interview process goes. Whether this is for your dream job or just something to pay the bills, you need to put yourself forward as being the best possible candidate for the role at hand. One thing to also remember, if you're prepared and unfortunately aren't successful - we've all been there - don't let it get you down as difficult as that may be, just move onto the next one and continue to make a great impression until success comes your way.

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