Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ultimate Summer Pink Lipsticks

When it comes to Spring/Summer, I do love wearing my favourite nude lip products but it's also a great opportunity to bring out the brighter pinks and corals and rock them during the day. There's two products in particular that I always find myself reaching for when I'm looking for that pop of colour and they are to me, the ultimate lipsticks. 

This was one of the first bold lipsticks I ever bought and it was one that I bought because I thought the shade was pretty but I never actually thought I'd wear it. That being said, I have gotten quite a bit of wear out of it this year in particular and it is the shade Flat Out Fabulous by Mac. This is a retro matte shade and it's basically a super intense bright with probably one of the most matte formulas I've ever come across, without being too unbelievably drying on the lips. I do always like to apply a lip balm beforehand with this one as it can become slightly uncomfortable throughout the day because it is so matte but it definitely doesn't come anywhere near as drying as the likes of Ruby Woo. 

A lip product that is practically the same shade as Flat Out Fabulous but a completely different formula is Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong. Now though this is also a matte, it applies super glossy and almost like a lip gloss. It does however then dry extremely matte and provides the same sort of finish, minus any of the dryness you get from a full matte lipstick. This is probably the most long lasting of the two in terms of the colour, it stays vibrant and matte for practically the whole day and then you're left with a nice wearable stain afterwards, whereas the Mac lipstick does begin to settle into the lines of the lips and can sometimes look questionable mid-way through the day.

If you are looking for a bold shade for the season then I'd definitely recommend you pick up one (or both) of these products. Both are super matte, so very long wearing and the formulas feel super comfortable to wear. They are also cool toned pinks so they make your teeth look exceptionally whiter and will suit pretty much all skinniness in my opinion. 

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