Monday, 1 June 2015

Colour Pop

These photos were a real struggle to capture. My smiles are actually a rather contrived way of trying to disguise the fact that I was getting blown away inbetween most of the shots, english weather is just not cooperative at the moment. It's also making it rather difficult to know how tho dress each day, as I often find myself leaving the house with a coat on only to be faced with glaring sunshine mid-way through the day (or visa versa)!

F&F CLOTHING coat, GOK TU (Sainsburys) top, NEW LOOK shoes, WHISTLES bag, MICHAEL KORS watch

I love wearing seemingly boring outfits mixed with a pop of colour to make them stand out that little bit more. This shirt is actually from the Gok Wan collection at Sainsbury's and it is one of the most flattering shirts on that I've ever owned; it fits perfectly (Gok has mastered figure slimming clothing) and the colour is a fabulous shade of purple -  unintentionally matched with my nails!

This outfit would be great if you're needing a slightly smarter look but you don't want to look business-like. This is definitely my go-to type of outfit during the week as I usually save my more casual looks for the weekend when I'm winding down. I'm also still loving these lace up shoes, they look so much more expensive than they actually were and I can see them donning my feet for a really long time. I only wish they did them in other colours too...


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