Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Confessions of a Fashion & Beauty Blogger

There are so many myths that surround beauty and fashion bloggers. One that I constantly hear is that all bloggers are obsessed with beauty products, to the extent that we can't wait to get our hands on the latest and greatest serums that prove to banish ten years off your face, infused with various crazy ingredients like dragons blood and snake venom. Now admittedly I do love my Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood serum but that's about as far as it goes and I am in no way a skincare or beauty expert. I love what transformative power make-up has but I'm not totally consumed by the latest releases. In fact, I'm a bit of a beauty slob if I'm honest.

I'm not really a step-by-step skincare routine kind of girl. I do have somewhat of a skincare routine but it isn't at all regimented, I basically just grab whatever I think I need at that moment and go from there. I sometimes even just use a face wipe and with a quick swipe, my make-up is removed. Though I've heard that this is a huge no no among the beauty elite so maybe I should just a. Find myself a proper skincare routine or b. Stop listening to the beauty elite. I'm thinking option b...

TMI alert. I get that satisfied feeling after squeezing any spots I may get. I've heard it's actually better for you to get all the gross stuff out of the spot anyway. Maybe the whole clawing your face part isn't so great for you though.

I don't do anything to my eyebrows. Yep, not even fill them in or comb them. I think this one stems more from the fear of ending up with stick thin or worse, no eyebrows and even though I know I'd be going to a trained professional (I'd never attempt this myself) it just terrifies me that they will mess up my currently okay looking eyebrows.

I wear the same make-up practically everyday. My beauty stash is probably larger than your average, though I find myself reaching for the same products day in and day out, never really being all that adventurous with my choices. So don't be expecting any fancy make-up tutorials over on my YouTube channel, as these would get boring very quickly.

I buy products because they look good. I'm a sucker for fancy packaging or extravagant claims and I'll buy into almost every miracle lotion and potion. A rather expensive confession...

So I think from this we can conclude that when it comes to beauty, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I have no set routine, no sense of adventure and I'm clearly a sucker for a good bit of advertising. Can you confess to any of these cardinal beauty sins?

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