Monday, 15 June 2015

Mani Monday | Blues

This week unfortunately there won't be any outfit posts up as the weather has been a bit rubbish this weekend (and I work late during the week) so I haven't had a chance to take any, hopefully next week will return to my usual scheduling but to fill in, I'm bringing you 'Mani Monday' and in honour of spring/summer, my favourite blue polishes. 

I love wearing pale/bright blue shades on my nails - I tend to steer clear of deeper blues - as they really brighten up an outfit and are much more of a colourful colour than my go-to nudes or pinks. My all-time favourite blue shade is Essie's Lapis of Luxury, which is a dusky blue with slight grey tones to it. This one is great for any season as it isn't too neon or pastel and this is one I find myself reaching for a lot. Essie polishes in general apply early nicely and this one is no exception and I find it lasts a good week before I feel the need to touch-up or reapply. 

Next up is the brightest of the three shades and that's Model's Own Hyper Gel in Blue Glint. The formula of these polishes is great and the hyper-gel claims really are true, I still like to apply a top coat but in the case of this polish, one really isn't needed. This is a very vibrant and somewhat neon shade so it's definitely not one I'd wear in the colder months but on holiday or during summer, I find myself reaching for this one. 

Finally, what nail post would be complete without a pastel shade and my blue choice for this is  from the Rita Ora for Rimmel collection in Pillow Talk. This is a slightly shimmery (the shimmer is barely noticeable on the nails) pale blue shade that can be built up to full opacity with two to three coats. The formula of these polishes is okay, they don't wear as well as Essie but still last a few days before chipping and this shade is a great alternative to wearing a tipex-esque white polish.

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