Friday, 12 June 2015

It's Basically Parma Violets in a Jar! | Flamingo Candles

I used to hate the thought of burning a candle, I never really understood the point in wasting your money on something that just sits there and melts away. Recently though I've been really enjoying getting home at night, lighting a candle and just winding down after a long day. 

I discovered Flamingo Candles back in December when I attended the Clothes Show Live and with the vast array of scents they do, there's definitely something everyone will love. Each candle is totally organic, hand poured in the UK and donned with a quirky acrylic flamingo on the outside of the jar just for that added bit of something. I love how each candle is a different colour and they would make great gifts I'm sure! I actually picked up three of the brands tart melts and one larger jar candle and I chose the scent Parma Violets (£12). 

Parma Violets is the perfect mix of violets and roses making it smell exactly like the sweets (my favourites)! It's made with soybeans and a natural cotton wick, meaning it has up to 50 hours of burn time and afterwards, you can keep the jar on display.

I've been loving burning this candle recently and I'm definitely keen to try more scents; I have my eye on the Cheesecake Crunch and Pink Lemonade next! Have you tried anything from Flamingo Candles? 

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