Thursday, 11 June 2015

Black on Black

It was a complete nightmare trying to get these photos. The weather outside was beautifully sunny but it was still cold/windy hence the all-black outfit, so practically every photos came out over exposed or blurred. These were the best of a really band bunch so apologies for the rather short post, but I wanted to stick to my 'transitional dressing' this week so I thought I'd put it up anyway. 

PRIMARK waistcoat, NEW LOOK shirt & shoes, ZARA bag, WHISTLES sunglasses

I love how all black outfits look when it's done in the right way. Sometimes they can obviously look rather funeral-esque but I think if you keep it fun or add a few non-black accessories, they can work as more chic, overall looks. You may not be able tot tell from the photos but I'm actually wearing my favourite Primark waistcoat over the top of this shirt to add a bit of layering and make the outfit slightly less sheer and more wearable. I added my leopard print flats and a somewhat matching bag to break up the black and I definitely think this is something I'd wear more so for a working day, rather than a casual weekend as it does look smarter with the waistcoat. 

Another short outfit post but hopefully next week I'll have a bit more to say. I'm still trying to get into the swing of scheduling weekly posts over the weekend and working full time during the week. I'm getting there I think...

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