Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Underrated Shower Gel | Original Source

When it comes to the age-old question of shower or bath, I'm definitely more of a shower kind of person. I like how convenient they are because who really has time to sit in a bath every evening?! So with having a shower comes a vast array of body products and though I'm ever faithful to my favourite Soap & Glory products, I do like to branch out every now and again and my favourite brand for shower products has to be Original Source. They are so underrated and I never hear anyone mention them but there's an excessive amount of scents to choose from at such a budget friendly  price ranging from £1-£3 depending on where you buy them - I usually pick mine up from Home Bargains or Superdrug. 

 I've tried so many of the different variations and they are some of the best smelling body products I've ever tried. The two that I currently have are Vanilla & Raspberry and Lime and both of these smell divine without being too overpowering and best of all, the scent sticks around for a long time after you've got out of the shower! They are made with 100% national fragrance and each has a little anecdote telling you just how many ingredients went into them and for those of you who are vegans, they are complete vegan friendly so there's a plus!

Though they are branded as shower products, for those of you who are partial to baths, I have tried them and they work just as well in baths and leave you with a good amount of bubbles, because who doesn't love bubbles! It's not often that I feel the need to write about a body product such as a shower gel but these really are my absolute favourites and for some reason, no one ever mentions them!

Have you tried any of the Original Source shower gels?

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