Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sleep Playlist | Music

There are some nights when I just find it impossible to fall asleep no matter what I do and on those occasions, I often turn to music and a set little playlist to ease me into my slumber for the night. I've picked out four of my favourites and I'll warn you now, I have a very varied music taste so they may not be everyones cup of tea but they'll for sure help you to fall asleep!

Lea Michele - Battlefield // This isn't at all like the other songs I listen to as it's quite intense in parts but this is one of the reasons it helps me fall asleep. It builds and builds and then suddenly falls and it's at that point I find myself drifting off to sleep. Lea Michele has an amazing voice so all of her songs are great to listen to anyway. 

Sia Salted Wound // Sia is one of my new favourite artists and though many of her songs really wouldn't help you fall asleep, Salted Wound (made popular by Fifty Shades of Grey) is such a soft and hypnotising song that sends me to sleep within minutes - it's a very ambient sounding song, which is perfect for when you want to fall asleep! 

Coldplay - Up In Flames // Coldplay aren't I band I listen to very often but I discovered this song a while back and it is one of the most soothing songs I've ever heard. It definitely isn't one I'd listen to  during the day as it's very repetitive but I think that's the main reason why it sends me to sleep so quickly.

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down // Sam Smith has such a soothing voice naturally but this song in particular has a very soft sound to it with the piano background. This is definitely a song I'll play if I'm winding down and trying to relax.

Let me know if you listen to any of these songs to help you fall asleep, or let me know any  song recommendations you have! 

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