Thursday, 14 May 2015

Neoprene Outerwear

Have you ever put together an outfit, looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, I did good with this one. That was me after putting together this look. I very rarely wear an outfit without any black but I managed to accomplish that with this and I also never wear blue and this whole outfit is basically several different shades of blue. New favourite outfit alert!

PRIMARK coat, RIVER ISLAND sweatshirtshirt, DOROTHY PERKINS jeans, OFFICE converse

The most obvious item in this outfit is my bargain of the century and that is this neoprene coat that I found in the Primark sale for £2. No that wasn't a typo, it really was a mere £2! It's such a unusual coat being made of super thick neoprene but I just love how it looks with quite a casual look like this one. It's also surprisingly lightweight considering the material and would be perfect for transitioning into spring and early summer. Plus the colour is just amazing! 

I paired the coat with the shirt that you may have seen in last weeks post and this cropped slogan sweatshirt, both from River Island. This was actually inspired by a RI mannequin I saw in store and I just added my own twist with the coat and converse. I'm not normally one for cropped items but paired with a shirt I actually really like how it looks. 

Side note: Don't be deceived by the seemingly sunny weather in these photos. It was actually a force ten gale and quite cold, hence the layers upon layers! 

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