Thursday, 16 April 2015

Raw Edges & Orelia Infinity

Clearly the spring weather hasn't stunted my black/grey clothing wearing. I think I'm stuck in an autumn/winter rut and I just love dressing for the colder months so much more than I do the warmer months. Maybe I'm a colour-aphobe or maybe it's just my inherent love for layering and oversized coats, both of which you can't really get away with when it's warm. That being said, I am trying to wearing more sleeveless layers to transition myself and maybe soon I'll be a fully fledged summer dresser? Or maybe not...

TOPSHOP waistcoat and trousers, H&M top, NEW LOOK shoes, ZARA bag, ORELIA necklace* (via etailpr)

This post actually features two of my new favourites fashion pieces at the moment from Topshop & Orelia. I have been lusting after this raw edged waistcoat from Topshop for months now and after finding that the only one left in store was in my size, I felt like it was fate and I took the plunge and bought it. It was quite pricey for what it is but I do think the quality is great and I just know I'll get so much wear out of it. 

The piece from Orelia is this lovely little infinity sign necklace that just works perfectly with outfits like this one that don't really require statement jewellery. I love how such good quality these pieces are considering how dainty they are and I've already worn this and my other piece from the brand (post coming next week) so much and I've only had them a few days! Keep your eyes peeled for the other piece I received, it's a very summer themed piece! 

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