Friday, 3 April 2015

Detangling Hair Brushes

If you have long or thick (or both) hair then you'll definitely know just how annoying tangles and knots can be, especially after coming out of the shower. I have average length but super thick hair so it's prone to getting tangled with even the slightest gust of wind or a day outside. After it has been washed is the worst though, its a tangled mess and I used to spend absolutely ages tugging through it causing pain and just general annoyance! I've now found that the combination of a good conditioner and a great detangling hair brush works well and prevents damaging my hair.

I seemed to have accumulated quite a collection of hair brushes, all with detangling claims, so I'd thought I've run through them all and give you my thoughts on each one in case you are in the same position I was with struggling to tame your locks. 

First up is the Tangle Angel, which I'll admit I initially thought was more of a gimmick than anything else but having used it it quickly became my favourite! It is designed by renowned hairdresser Richard Ward with two purposes; the wings to hold for a firm grip for added control and detangling, and the handle for everyday brushing. I think it's a great concept and the design looks really nice as a dressing table addition also so that's an added bonus. The bristles are soft and flexible and are arranged specifically to target tangles, as well as the antibacterial properties they have too. 

Next is the Wet Brush, which I actually got with March's Look Fantastic beauty box in the miniature size. As the name would suggest, it is great for using on wet hair but can also be used as an everyday hair brush if needed. The design is is bit underwhelming compared to my other brushes but I suppose it's more about what it can do than what it looks like. It has flexible thin bristles, great for damage prone hair, and the soft tips are both gentle and comfortable on the scalp. The mini version is also handy to throw in your bag if you are prone to getting tangled hair throughout the day! 

Finally there's the Tangle Teezer standard and compact versions. This was the first detangling brush I ever bought and it's what really changed my opinion and opened my eyes to how terrible regular hair brushes are. I tend to use the standard style for everyday brushing as I find it's really comfortable to hold because of the Palm-sized shape and it's very gentle on the scalp, while I use the compact version for keeping in my bag during the day, it's the perfect size and the design is my favourite of the lot, who doesn't love a bit of Lulu Guinness print?! 

So to recap, though I do use all of the brushes I own, I feel they are all great for different purposes. My favourite is by far the Tangle Angel, I didn't think much of this when I bought it but from the first time I used it I've never really wanted to reach for anything else, it's a great all-rounder, especially on wet hair. For wet hair I'd say the Wet Brush works but isn't my favourite. For everyday use, my Tangle Teezer is the front runner and as this is the one I've had and used the longest, I think i'll always be loyal to it, despite the Tangle Angel almost taking its place. For on the go it's definitely the compact Tangle Teezer that I reach for most often as this tends to be kept in my handbag. 

Do you struggle with tangled hair? Which brushes have you tried that you'd recommend? 

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