Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo is essentially like pressing the reset button on your hair each week. Not strictly for weekend use, it basically acts as a once-weekly detox for your hair, getting rid of all the product build-up and dirt that gathers during the week. It is especially good for those unfortunate greasy-haired girls like myself meaning less bad hair days and less washes throughout the week. Win win. 

Now this shampoo is aimed at all hair types though in my opinion I'd definitely say it would be more suited to more oily, thicker locks as those with dry or brittle hair may find the stripping properties this has too damaging and it could actually leave your hair looking worse. That's not to say you can' use it and if you apply lots of conditioner afterwards it should be fine. I don't actually use conditioner after using this product as for me, that just seems like I'm counteracting what the shampoo is trying to do. I just use the tiniest amount and you're left with squeaky clean and unbelievably soft hair. I actually did a little 'experiment' to see how long my hair would last before it went greasy and it lasted a solid three/four days, which isn't bad considering I can only usually go one day without washing my hair again. Now I wouldn't recommend not washing your hair this long but I just wanted to see out of curiosity. 

The price of this shampoo is a rather eye-watering £18 and normally this would have put me off but having tried it now for two weeks, I would happily repurchase several times over if it meant my hair stayed grease-free. 

Have you tried this Sunday Shampoo or any other Bumble and Bumble hair products? 

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