Monday, 16 March 2015

A Smarter Look

On a daily basis my outfits mainly tend to lean towards the smarter end of the spectrum with the odd pair of trainers or mom jeans being thrown in to keep them somewhat casual and wearable for everyday. This outfit however is probably one of the smartest outfits you will ever see me wear and could be easily transformed into a more day-today look by swapping out the skirt for a pair of jeans. 

H&M jacket and bracelets, RIVER ISLAND shirt, WAREHOUSE skirt, NEW LOOK shoes, ZARA bag, MICHAEL KORS watch

I actually wore this outfit for an interview so I was definitely going for a more presentable, impressing look with my alternative to the often unflattering skirt-suit. I love how in normal circumstances this jacket could be seen as quite gaudy with the print but the cream shirt really takes away from that - I'm a sucker for anything embellished! I've also been using my new Zara faux fur bag so much since buying it, despite a very mixed bag of looks from passers by. It is the perfect everyday size and is a nice move on for me from my usual choice of a black bag. 

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