Monday, 10 November 2014

Blanket Scarf

Why buy a cape when you can transform a blanket scarf into one! I felt very much like a picnic blanket wearing this outfit but looking back at the photos I actually really love how it looks. I'm not sure it's the most practical outfit but it certainly adds some intetrest to an otherwise plain look.

H&M cardigan, ZARA scarf, M&S jumper, NEW LOOK boots, MICHAEL KORS bag, PRIMARK belt

I think this is an outfit reserved for weekend wear as it almost looks like it belongs on a countrey walk somewhere rather than a walk through the busy city streets on my way to work! I have been getting a lot of wear out of this new H&M cardigan too despite it being short-sleeved and rather a hard wear due to the length. I think it looks great worn with a tuttrle neck jumper - coming from me who last year was very anti-turtle neck.

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