Saturday, 4 October 2014

Marc Jacobs Palette 'The Lolita'

And the award for longest time before purchasing a product goes to me. I heard a lot of rave reviews surrounding the new (at the time) Marc Jacobs beauty range but in all honesty, the quality of the products could have gone either way - luckily the quality is flawless. This is my first, and only, product from the line but as it received the most positive comments I thought I'd give it a go and when I first saw it in real life it definitely didn't disappoint. 

The quality of the shadows are unlike anything I've ever tried before and they even rival the likes of Urban Decays Naked palettes which are impeccable. I opted for the 'Lolita' palette as the shadows are all neutral with a great mix of mattes and shimmers (and one almost glitter shade). The formula is great, creamy and pigmented and there isn't one shade that I feel I wouldn't use. 

Now lets address the beautiful elephant in the room and that is the packaging. It's so luxe and sleek and is a pleasure to see in my muji drawers every day. I couldn't actually think of a better looking palette if I tried. Now with this great formula and luxe packaging comes the only downside for me, the whopping $59.00 price tag (I believe I paid slightly less in euros). This is deifnilty one for a special occasion like a birthday gift or simply a present to yourself as this was for me. 

What do you think of the Lolita palette? Is it on your beauty wishlist


  1. The colours all look really beautiful The pink in the middle is especially nice :) I don't blame you for waiting a long time, I do that same. New reviews have a 'rose coloured tint to them, so it's hard to tell how good they really are. Great that this one turned out well for you. :) xx

  2. Yes the pink is so different to a lot of other palettes! But this one really is a great buy, worth the hype...


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