Monday, 6 October 2014

Leather & Gold

You know that situation when you find an item of clothing that looks so hideously ugly on the hanger but then on, it looks like it was made for you. That's exactly how I feel with this Topshop Boutique coat. Off it looks like a huge, shapeless sack but on I feel like it gives any outfit a seriously chic quality. Yes I used the word chic, shameful.

coat TOPSHOP, jumper MARKS & SPENCER, skirt RIVER ISLAND, shoes NEW LOOK, bag WHISTLES, watch MICHAEL KORS, necklace H7M

This is a slightly different look for me than my usual uniform of black jeans, but I feel like this leather-look skirt could become a real staple for me throughout autumn. It's so versatile and adds something a little bit more than a plain skater skirt would. Something else that's usually not 'me' in the slightest is a turtleneck but here I am, fully embracing a drama-school-esque black turtle neck jumper and I love it. I think that might partially be down to the fact that this outfit is essentially all black with the coat being the welcomed exception. So my black on black rut still remains but my constant wardrobe of black jeans, maybe not...

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