Monday, 2 June 2014

Shearling Jacket

This outfit is neither here nor there, season-wise, the jacket is a complete autumn/winter staple while the dress screams summer. I thought I'd combine the two!

Jacket - H&M | Dress & Boots - Topshop | Gag - LYDC | nails - Barry M 'Passion Fruit'

This outfit is something very different for me and one that I kind of just threw together. Luckily it seems to work and I really quite like how it looks. I've had this lace dress for years now (it was my first ever Topshop purchase!) and it's slightly too short but with a thick pair of tights it looks fine. I like that the dress is ultra feminine with the lace and cream colour, while the jacket and the boots just toughen it up a little. 

This shearling-style jacket was bought from H&M last year for the bargain price of £12 - thank you sale - and I really don't wear it enough, it's great with both dresses and jeans to be something a bit doffed rent from my usual leather jacket that I'd wear almost every day if I could. 

What do you all think of this possibly unconventional outfit? 

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