Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Slip Ons | Celine Inspired

H&M (here) Topshop (here)

Lately there has been a real influx of slip-on, Celine inspired shoes donning the feet of anyone and everyone and I have to say, at first I wasn't so sure. They kind of remind me of old-school looking skater Vans, which I am not at all a fan of but the slip-on style has definitely grown on me and I'm even considering getting myself a pair...shock horror!

Celine has some amazing offerings lately including leopard and the ever popular 'laundry bag' print above. Unofrtunatly Celine is not in my future at the moment, so I have my eye on a croc-effect Topshop pair and even a pair of satin looking leopard ones from H&M. Decisions decisions...

Are you a fan of the slip-on, skater shoe trend? Emma xo

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  1. absolutely a fan of this trend! Still need to part with some cash tho.... love the Topshop ones!



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