Thursday, 3 October 2013

beauty | dark vs nude lip

This is one of those battles that is forever causing a stir among the beauty world. Are dark berry shades reserved solely for the autumn/winter months, should we banish them in the summer to the great beyond of our beauty drawers and replace them with a 'your lips but better' kind of nude? I personally would feel much more conformable wearing a darker lip shade in the cooler months for the simple reason that my clothes also reflect that dark, almost gothic vibe that a berry lip colour brings, in the summer maybe opt for a bright red or pink. That's not to say that I reserve nudes for the warmer months either. A nude lip can work just as well in the winter as it can in the summer and sometimes that is the perfect look when paired with a darker eye, as a red lip could be a little over the top!

For a nude lip, I'd say it's best worn with a smokey/ bold eye or slightly bronzed skin to make it a little more interesting, although a nude lip would also work well if you need to keep your whole look neutral for say work or school, I'd opt for dabbing it into my lips rather than going for the full-on concealer lips look.  With a bold dark lip, it is best suited with a very neutral, overall nude look but could work with minimal autumnal shades on the eyes.

To conclude this battle, wear nude or dark lips whenever! My personal preference is to stick with nude in the warmer months and then use both in the colder months but who's to say there's a real right and wrong way? Would you wear a dark lip all year round or should it be banished to the autumn/winter?
pictured: rimmel 107 (red) & 107 (nude)
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