Tuesday, 1 October 2013

outfit | graffiti & jumpers

jacket & jeans: topshop, jumper: river island, shoes: new look, watch: marc by marc jacobs, nails: barry m 'guava'

I'm back at university now and as always, that means it gets a little trickier to take outfit posts partly because of the ugly background my room is and partly because using a tripod is the most challenging task ever. Lucky for me though, my friend was kind enough to take these photos today and she has now been named 'resident photographer' for the year so expect more outfits and nicer, more interesting backgrounds. 

Around the area that I'm living they've had a graffiti project going on for a week and it's just so interesting to look at; some of the pieces are seriously incredible. I thought while we were there looking, we may as well snap some photos for my blog and I think they turned out quite well considering I'm the most awkward person ever when someone else is taking my photo. I need to learn about the whole concept of eye contact though, sorry! 

Anyway, on to the outfit. I got this jumper last week from River Island and it is by far the cosiest item of clothing that I own and perfect for the awful north east weather. I kept the rest of my outfit black for no other reason than I love wearing black, it's my go to colour - though I'm yet to try out an all black look. 


  1. I love your nail colour. I personally think graffiti is great when it's done tastefully!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I agree...if it's just done to deface property I completely disagree with it!

  2. You really did love that piece of graffiti of a dragon didn't you?! There were some amazing pieces x

    1. I did! It was so good, but all the pieces were too!


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