Sunday, 15 September 2013

fashion | ashish spring/summer 2014

London Fashion Week is in full swing and everyone with an ounce of interest in fashion has their eyes glued to the catwalks of various designers (including us poor souls who have to watch through our computer screens) getting a glance at the new spring/summer 2014 pieces. One of my favourite shows of the week was definitely Ashish with his mash up of sequins, shredded denim, tribal jewellery, slogan t-shirts and my favourite; supermarket carrier bags with a twist (we're talking M&S becoming S&M and  Tesco becoming Disco) love it! The concept centred around the idea of nipping to the local off license (hence the carrier bags) with your slippers and lasts nights jewellery on - as well as a whole load of crazy headwear and not to mention the stripped hair.

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  1. I actually love everything! Except for the overly ripped jeans!

    check out my latest posts, if you have the time?


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