Sunday, 22 September 2013

alexa chung 'it'

Alexa Chung's book 'IT' was probably one of the most highly anticipated books of the year among fashion enthusiasts. I for one am a big fan of Alexa, her timeless and effortless fashion sense, as well as her ever present influence of the fashion world, I mean the woman has a Mulberry bag named after her, how amazing is that?! As soon as her book was released at the start of September my pre-ordered copy dropped through my letter box and I had read it within an hour, yes it was that good.

It's a fashion book with a twist. IT features Alexa's writing, doodles and photographs all encompassed in a beautiful pink book with spotty pages (cute)! She talks about heartbreaks, her grandpa as her style inspiration and my favourite, how to take a good selfie. One of my favourite parts of the book is the photographs and drawings which just add a little bit of Alexa that you may not have gotten from words. I'm so happy to own this book and 'IT' is definitely worth the read.

Are you a fan of Alexa Chung? Will you be buying this book?
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  1. I l o v e this book, just as much as you do by the sounds of it! I just made a post about it and used one of your photos, but don't worry I've credited it with a source link straight to this post! I love the rest of you blog too. Have a nice day, sweetheart x


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