Tuesday, 16 July 2013

outfit | daisies & leopard

t-shirt, jeans & shoes - topshop | bracelet - pandora | nails - barry m 'white' 

So, hello again. It's been an awfully long time since I last did an outfit post for the simple fact that I've either just been sat at home or I've been working and who really want to see work/lazing clothes? I  actually wore this outfit on Saturday but it was too late to photograph it when I got home so I decided to put it back on today and take some photos (thanks mum!) in the glorious sunshine were having at the moment. 

I got this daisy t-shirt when I went to London a few weeks ago (here) and I absolutely love it! It's such a simple, slouchy style and is perfect to just throw on with a pair of jeans and any shoes really. I wore this originally with brown sandals but they cut into my feet so I thought I'd put on my new sandals from Topshop which I picked up in the sale at the weekend, I love them so much and they are uber comfortable.

On a final note, what do you guys think of this background? I really like it, very outdoorsy and what not and lets be honest, it's too warm at the moment to stand inside! Think I'll be sticking to this for the duration of the summer (then back to the boring wall, sorry) and hopefully there will be lots and lots more outfit posts coming...or that's the plan anyway. 
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  1. I love your shirt :) I like outdoorsy photos, it's a lot nicer I think.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. thank you :) yep me too, think I'll stick with this background...

  2. Love your sandals - great sale buy! I love outfit posts, looking forward to more :)


    1. :D hoping to keep the outfit posts more regular now!

  3. I love this top, so pretty! Those sandals are very cute too

    Kylie // lazy2lovely.blogspot.co.uk


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