Sunday, 28 July 2013

purchases | mulberry continental wallet in dark blush & rose gold

Mulberry Continental Wallet in Dark Blush - Mulberry

The list of designer items that I dream of owning is literally longer than the M6 motorway (maybe a slight exaggeration) and one item that's been top of that list and on my mind for a while now is the Mulberry continental wallet, in particular, the blush pink/rose gold style. With handbags, I'd quite happily own a hundred and one and change them up on a daily basis but when it comes to purses, I really wanted one that was good quality, classic and would last me a good few years, so introducing my new purse and my first ever (but hopefully not last) purchase from Mulberry.

Last week I found myself with enough available funds to finally buy my dream purse and thus begins the Mulberry affair. This purse (or wallet) is perfect for me as it has a lot of space for cards, money, receipts and even a handy back pocket for cinema tickets or coupons etc. The outside is goats leather with rose gold hardware and the inside is a mix of leather and canvas with the iconic mulberry tree print. I absolutely love this purse and I hope to have it for many years to come; it was totally worth the price for such a classic and well made piece.

Do you own anything from Mulberry? What is your dream item from the designer?
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  1. The colour of this Mulberry purse is absolutely gorgeous! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really is, will definitely last a LONG time I can tell!

  3. i purchased my first mulberry item last month too! i'm in love, it is definitely not my last.


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