Wednesday, 3 July 2013

outfit | porcelain blue

I was browsing through my photo albums and came across these outfit photos and realised that I never actually posted them, so I thought; who wouldn't want to see a two month old outfit post! I bought this shirt from Primark for a mere £12 after seeing a similar one in Topshop and nearly having a heart attack at the £40 price tag! I absolutely adore the print on this shirt and it's a beautiful blue shade which paired with all black worked really well, the only downside, this shirt creases like crazy! Literally I had this on for about half an hour before taking these photos and it looked like that, not cool Primark, not cool at all. 

Creases aside, I really love this shirt and I wore it with my black Leigh jeans, my leather jacket and my favourite accessory, my Michael Kors rose gold watch. A super simple outfit but I just wanted to share this shirt with you all, after all, I'm all for a bargain Topshop dupe!


  1. lovely shirt and your nails look amazing :D

  2. Your nails are always so pretty, seriously! This is gonna sound so weird, but you have such pretty hands, haha. :)


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