Friday, 15 March 2013


If I could any one persons wardrobe I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, choose Olivia Palermo's. Whatever she wears she always looks so effortless but so put together at the same time and also, I mean just look at her coat and bag collection, can I just have them all please! Especially the yellow, who knew an almost neon coat could look that good on?

One of my all time favourite looks of hers has to be the grey baroque-style fur trim coat and jeans combination, this look, though super simple, really stands out to me and oh how I now long for a coat like that. Olivia always seems to take fashion risks that always end up looking flawless and though my style probably won't ever come close to hers (though I can live in hope), she really does give me ideas of how to pair things in a way that usually I wouldn't - I'm looking at you high-tops and fur gilet! 

Emma xo
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