Thursday, 14 March 2013


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Boots - £7.99 (curently £5.99)

I want to start off by congratulating myself on managing to actually put a gif onto this post *pats back*. Self-congratulations over, I was browsing Boots at the weekend and noticed that the new Rimmel Accelerator Endless mascara was on offer and I thought what better opportunity to try it out then when it's £2 off!

Rimmel is by far one of my favourite drugstore brands, I loved the Wake Me Up foundation and Kate Moss lipstick range is just incredible so I had real high hopes for this mascara. I firstly want to say that Rimmel claims that this contains lash grow complex but judging by all other reviews I've read, and my own experience, I can't really say this is true. Overlooking that fact, as a normal mascara it really does do the job perfectly.

I would say I have generally quite short eyelashes and this really works to lengthen them considerably while doing a brilliant job of separating too. It also has a nicely sized applicator which really helps to get to the corners and roots of your lashes for a slight bit of volume. I am in no way an expert when it comes to mascaras but for me this does exactly what I want; lengthened, separated and clump-free lashes and for that reason I would definitely repurchase this again!

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