Tuesday, 11 December 2012


jacket and shirt: primark, jeans: topshop, boots: ebay (topshop), earrings: earnest jones, nails: models own 'nude beige' 

My aim this week is to do a 'five days, five outfits' kind of thing which I think will be fun! I'm not promising that I'll be able to do it as I'm going home on Thursday (four hour drive!), but I will try The first day commences with this ensemble, and I have decided from this that I would like to burn this jacket! Walking round university today I spotted six people wearing the exact same jacket, not even a variation, the EXACT same one which is terrible! I realise it's Primark but I didn't think that nay people would have it! A few people wearing it were even sat near me in lectures...eeeeek! 

That aside, I thought I'd pair the jacket with this spotty shirt as I haven't worn it before (having had it for a fair few months) and really like the black and khaki combination. The reason I bought this shirt was actually for the collar which I love, I really do like the spike/stud trend that has been around for a while now; I'm a fan.

Emma xo 
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