Thursday, 29 November 2012


jacket, top, jeans, boots & eye ring: topshop, peace ring: kukee, nails: barry m 'teal'

This is slightly different to my usual outfit posts as there isn't a full length shot, simply because I looked back through them and hated them all! I did however, really like how these photos turned out so thought I'd still do the outfit post.

As you can probably tell from the title and my totally original added touch, this whole outfit, minus one of the rings, is from Topshop and it honestly makes me wonder if I own anything not from there! This is a very plain outfit because I felt the rings and nail polish stood out enough, so with them I just paired this grey asymmetric t-shirt with my leather jacket, black leigh jeans and chelsea boots for a very simple grey and black look. This outfit was actually from yesterday and the weather was grey and horrible so I thought it was very fitting - I also wore a scarf but took that off when not outside!

Anyway, this week has just been filled with scrap-booking (for one of my modules) and essay planning and writing; so a productive week on the whole. I'm in countdown mode now though for Christmas - or at least when Christmas break starts - two weeks then I can go home!!

Emma xo
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