Thursday, 14 January 2016

Spectrum Makeup Brushes

Thanks to Instagram I've been introduced to Spectrum Collections makeup brushes and I can honestly say I'm a tad obsessed with them. Being a huge Real Techniques fan, I've never really tried any other makeup brushes as I never thought anything could come close to RT, but I'm so pleased I decided to give Spectrum brushes a try as they are my new everyday tool of choice for applying my makeup.

I actually found it quite difficult to get my hands of any of these brushes as they sell out so quickly, that's why I was SO excited to discover that they were attending The Clothes Show, where I managed to pick myself up a few of the brushes I'd been wanting to try. 

First up is the Siren Sculpt Collection, which is Spectrum's newest release and comes with this amazing teal oil slick design - I'll admit, the way these brushes look was initially why I wanted to try them! This collection features five brushes all with the aim to help with sculpting and contouring the face; the Flat Top Buffer, Flat Top Contour, Angled Powder, Precision Blush and Large Powder

At first I didn't want to use these brushes due to how pretty (and clean) they looked but I quickly got over that and they are now the best brushes I've ever used I think. They are super soft and dense so perfect for the purpose of contouring and highlighting and the Flat Top Contour is a particular favourite for applying my cream contour products before buffing them in with the Flat Top Buffer. 

After picking up this set, I knew I also wanted some key core brushes and so I picked up the Dome Contour and both the Small and Large Fan brushes. The dome contour brush is described as being for the face and that's exactly what I use it for, just for for contouring. Instead I like to use this brush for blending in my concealer as it's the perfect size and shape and the brushes so soft, it doesn't budge my foundation while blending over the top. The two fan brushes I bought after discovering a love for highlighting and this highlighter in particular, I've been using the smaller size for the cupids bow and nose and the larger size for the cheekbones as I find this shape brush gives a much more natural look. 

I would highly recommend these brushes and despite them not being as readily available as brands like Real Techniques; if you can get your hands on them before they sell out, they are definitely worth it. These have replaced a lot of my older, much loved brushes and I just can't believe it took me this long to find this brand!

Have you ever tried Spectrum makeup brushes? What is your favourite brush brand?

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  1. These are so beautiful! I've just ordered the contour collection because my friend recommended them. Can't wait for them to arrive!


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