Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Beauty Gimmick...That Works?!

I'm normally not one for gimmicks. If it sounds like it won't work or is too good to be true I usually steer clear but for some reason I decided to buy into one gimmick all in the pursuit of longer looking lashes. While at The Clothes Show Live back in December I picked up a heated eyelash curler after seeing a demonstration and being intrigued; it didn't break the bank so I thought what is there to lose. 

I'll admit, I used it once and then lost interest after having to stand there waiting for it to heat up, which in hindsight doesn't take that long at all. I then revisited the idea a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying the results it gives. I'm an avid Shu Uemura curler fan and I thought nothing would beat them but this little battery operated device comes pretty close.

To use the heated curler you apply your mascara first, this point is key as the heat is essentially melting and shaping the mascara, not your actual eyelashes. While doing this you just let the curler heat up for around a minute and then place it under your lashes and slowly move it from the roots to the ends. Now you can do this as little or as many times as you like until you get the desired effect but I usually find twice works a charm. Then that's it, you are left with super curled lashes that for me, stayed curled all day.

The plus points I'd say of using a heated eyelash curler is that you are left with a very natural looking curl, rather than an almost 90 degree kink. Now this didn't bother me before but having seen my lashes curled by heat, it really does make a huge difference to how they look. The downside of course is that it does take slightly longer than with standard eyelash curlers and I'm not certain how good the heat is for around your eye area. I don't use my heated curler everyday because of this. 

Have you tried a heated eyelash curler before?


  1. I must try this as I have super long lashes but they're really straight and normal eyelash curlers never seem to hold a curl! Thank you for the recommendation

    Freya | freya-ella.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Definitely give it a go! I was skeptical but it does really work...


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