Thursday, 28 May 2015

Camo Utility

From my rather smart outfit at the beginning of the week to this super casual one now, I'm defiantly mixing up my fashion it seems. This outfit is actually rather unlike me as I don't do camo, especially mixed with trainers. That being said, I'd now quite happily run my weekend errands wearing this outfit as it seems I've rediscovered my favour for army print...

TOPSHOP jacket (similar) & top, NIKE trainers, PRIMARK necklace, PANDORA bracelet

I actually rediscovered this jacket in the back of my wardrobe last week and after thinking I'd lost all love for camo, I threw it on anyway with my trusty trainers and I actually really like how it looks. This is definitely not an outfit I'd wear everyday as it is very casual and if I'm going to wear trainers, I do tend to pair them with a smarter coat or jacket. That being said, this would make a great weekend or lazy day outfit. 

On a quick side note, you may have noticed that there were no outfit posts last week and that was due to the horrible weather here in the UK. I'm hoping it's going to start getting brighter, or at least less windy/rainy soon so that I can really keep on top of the outfits but I do hope you enjoyed last weeks beauty-themed posts! 

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