Monday, 13 April 2015

QuayxShay Aviators

I never used to be a sunglasses person. I used to laugh at people wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day or even indoors but now it seems I have become that person. I adore my baroque-style Prada pair and while they are my favourites, they are very big and sometimes I maybe want to blend in more. Introducing my new Quay Australia 'Vivienne' aviator sunglasses from the 'quayxshay' collection (that's Shay Mitchell, from Pretty Little Liars), which I picked up just over a week ago and haven't worn any others since. I never thought this style would suit me, usually opting for larger, rounder shapes but I actually really like how these look, despite the Top Gun song popping into my head every time I wear them! 

PRIMARK waistcoat, HM jeans and top, NEW LOOK shoes, TOPSHOP necklace, QUAY AUSTRALIA sunglasses (quayxshay collection)

This is one of those simple outfits that despite the lack of effort put in, it looks super put together and great for a casual day out. This waistcoat is one of my favourite buys this year as it looks so much more expensive than Primark and those d-ring details just add something to an otherwise simple piece. They also sell the in white, which I think I may have to pick up sometime as they are so versatile and such good quality! 

I finished off this outfit with these fab shoes that I mentioned a few weeks ago. They just seem to go with everything and despite them not being the most comfortable to begin with (blister central!) I think I've finally broken them in and now they've been on my feet just about as much as my beloved black pointed flats I never stop rambling on about! 

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