Saturday, 11 April 2015

Quay Australia & Trying Wok Prawn Noodles?!

A rather small weekly round-up this week as I've not really done all that much. That being said, I have tried a new food, discovered a favourite TV show and added to my ever-growing sunglasses collection.

I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of the Quay Australia QuayxShay collection sunglasses after being too impatient to wait the month-long delivery time. My mum and dad actually picked me up this aviator pair while in London - note, Topshop Oxford St have the best sunglasses selection ever - and though it's a style I've never really tried, I do actually love them. Especially because they are matte black! I've now got my eye on a few more pairs, which all seem to be sold out currently, but fingers crossed I can grow my collection. 

Something I don't normally write about in my blog is good but for this week's round-up I just had to mention Busaba Eathai, a Thai orientated restaurant that I believe is predominantly in London. Now I'm not exactly the biggest foodie when it comes to trying new things but I decided to opt for something on the menu that would push me out of my food comfort zone. I chose Pad Kweito, a wok noodle dish with chicken, mushrooms, green beans and the biggest surprise for me, prawns! I've always been so put off trying prawns but I took the plunge, aye them and I have to say, it was probably one of the nicest meals I've had in a long time. If highly recommend Busaba Eathai if you are in the area - I went to the one off Tottenham Court rd. 

I love the Naomi Campbell-created show, The Face, so when I discovered the Australian version, you can only but imagine my delight! I have since watched the first few episodes and as expected, I'm hooked. Naomi Campbell has a certain bluntness to her that just makes you both fear and respect her and watching her outbursts, arguments and harsh criticism of the models is something I've thoroughly enjoyed this week.

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